Defining a new genre of entertainment.



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G.A.S defined the visual communication for CinePlay when the business was evolving rapidly, creating solutions on the go, across different contexts.
— Subodh Maskara, CEO, CinePlay


To define CinePlay through brand communication and design as a first mover in producing and digitally distributing Indian theatre content, globally.

Communication Challenge

The challenge was to bring clarity to the brand communication, making it more inclusive between theatre purists and avid cinema-goers, both of whom were left confused with CinePlay’s intent.


The focus was shifted from the format of the content and directed to CinePlay’s principle mission; To create global access to rich theatre content from the country while archiving it for posterity. 



The Logotype and shard are never placed together however must always exist in the same space.
The logotype is more prevalent when compared to the shard. The shard is a signature and can be used as a precursor to the main logotype.

CP Logo-01.jpg
CinePlay Logo old.jpg

Old Logo: The above unit was what we were presented with as CinePlay’s identity. The form had ideas within it but in totality was stiff, difficult to work with and dated. As we weren’t asked to do a rebrand, the identity needed be updated to build a design language given the different demands for presenting a fast growing company.

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Update: For the update we separated the two forms, ie; the logotype and the shard icon. The type was when singled out was to open and required to be kerned and given an added weight.

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The Shard

It was concluded that the icon not be changed but retained. The icon symbolised the birth of something new and also took the form of the letter “C” The icon later came to be referred to as the “Shard”. For the design system we decided to separate the logotype from the shard giving us the possibility to create a relationship between the two. The shard became a signature for the brand, always present but never replacing the logotype. The shard also lent the continuity of maintaining a motion identity and provided a clue to developing the visual language for the brand communication


The Posters

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One of CinePlay’s biggest design challenges was to make its content attractive to increase reach. The company was dealing with a niche market from the get go and making the look of each CinePlay attractive became a marketing necessity. The CinePlay posters were designed for a commercial movie going using bright colour, exaggeration of theme and genre.

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The Website

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They were able to identify the design language we were looking for, to introduce a new and exciting
format of entertainment
— Subodh Maskara, CEO
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